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MaX10 is the solution to all your X10 MouseRemote needs. It is an open-source freeware application designed to fully utilize the X10 MouseRemote, by picking up where its programmers left off.

maX10's features include:

  • Full customization of remote buttons, including shifted keys.
  • Adjustable delay for all keys.
  • Easy-to-use configuration interface.
  • Load files, execute programs and more with a touch of a button.

Here are some comments from maX10 users:

"MaX10 rocks!" Matt
"First of all, this is one of the best programs ever!" Jonathan
"Without maX10, I wouldn't use my mouse remote! It's really well done!" Christian
"What a great piece of code!!  I've never found remote software this customizable!!" Michael
"I'm looking at the source for maX10 and I'm very impressed with it" Roger
"First of all GREAT WORK!!!!! maX10 is awesome!!!" Ido
"I would just like to say thanks for the work you have done with this great program" David
"Dude, I use your program for Winamp and it rocks" 40oz
"I just finished setting up your program... I found it GREAT!!!" Marcello
"Congratulations! Your software for the MouseRemote is Perfect." Richard

" is about 1-million times better than that package of junk that X10 shipped with the remote" Ryan
"You've freed me from X10's crappy software" Howard
"...the MouseRemote sucked until I found your software" Avidan
"Thanks for making an awesome replacement for that piece of crap software that X10 put out" Chris
"I had the mouse-remote in a box under my bed until today" Duglis
"I decided some time ago that the software X10 is shipping with MouseRemote really blew chunks" Justin
"Damn, this s**t is great" Lee
"The X10 software is great...for me to poop on!" Triumph

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